Women in Transition

A woman in transition is a woman who is experiencing a significant change in her life. Whether it’s becoming a widow after the death of her spouse, divorce or separation, affluent women in transition often need assistance getting through the "next steps".

Sonya Ranker, is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Financial Advisor specializing in helping women who are in transition; focusing on planning for life after divorce or losing a spouse.

Questmont provides Financial and Emotional Support Services

  • Assistance with Organizing your Important Documents

    • Reviewing tax returns, legal and other financial documents to get a clear picture of assets and holdings
    • Retitling accounts where needed
    • Assisting with processing claims and transfers
  • Helping you Avoid Common Mistakes

    • Through education and discussion, we help highlight those decisions that are being made from an emotional place as opposed to a thoughtful and informed place.
  • Providing Clarity on Settlement Options

    • Financial Impacts:

      • Will this be enough?
      • Will I be able to live my current lifestyle?
      • Do I have enough money?
      • Should I adjust my budget?
      • Can I keep my house?

    • Tax impacts:

      • How are the different assets taxed?
      • How will my new status affect my taxes?
      • Is there anything I can do to reduce my taxes?

    • Estate impacts:

      • Do I need to change my will and estate plan?
      • Are my beneficiaries still appropriate?
      • Will my estate be subject to taxes at death….and is there anything I can do to reduce the potential taxes?
  • Customizing a Portfolio to Address Your Needs and Goals

    • Do you need income?
    • How do you feel about market volatility?
  • Coordinating a Team of Experts

    • Bringing your needs and concerns front and center
    • Family Law and Estate attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Professionals, Valuation Experts
      • Attend meetings with you and these professionals
      • Helping to ensure stated goals and needs are addressed
      • Help to thoroughly understand issues and provide continuity through the process.
    • Finding solutions to align your assets and documents with your goals
  • Designing a Custom Income Strategy when Needed

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Support

    • Regular semi-annual progress reviews
    • Annual tax planning review
    • Portfolio management
    • Asset protection reviews
    • Updates on policy and law changes that may impact finances, taxes, or estate plans
    • Services that address our clients changing needs.

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