The Case For Optimism

Dear Friends,

Over the past few years, I have worked hard to provide you with information to back my “case for optimism.” If you have yet to turn off the 24 hour news cycle, you might still be flooded with fear and pessimism. But let’s take a look at some facts.

  • Household net worth is almost 10% higher than it was one year ago, now worth $70.3 trillion, up past the pre-recession 2007 level of $66.9 trillion.*
  • Real Estate owned by households was up 11.2% in one year.*
  • The US household debt-service ratio, debt payments versus disposable income, dropped to the lowes level since 1960.*
  • Domestic Corporate Profits rose to an all-time high in the first quarter**
  • 202 members of the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index have $1 billion or more in cash on hand (not counting the financial companies)***

This goes to show that American households are sitting pretty in this “plow horse economy” (Brian Wesbury, First Trust Capital), with their financial position at an all-time high.

Thank You and Stay Optimistic,
Taylor K Ranker, II

Data released by the *Federal Reserve, **the BEA, and the ***S&P Capital IQ.


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