The 3 Levels that Determine Your Retirement Values

Why are values so powerful?

Because they are one of the core motivations for everything we do in our lives. They have a profound impact on every important decision we make, from what we choose to do for a living to whom we marry to how we spend our free time—in short, who we are as people.

For example, most people who are parents would tell you that they value their children above almost everything else in the world. As a result, they want to protect them, to educate them well and to set them on a smooth path in life. Financially speaking, one of the things many of these parents want to do is build an adequate college fund for their children.

As important as values are, however, most people are not particularly good at articulating them. While they act definitively on their values, most have not necessarily thought deeply about exactly what those values are. When attempting to identify your core values, it is useful to understand the three levels that make up our value structure.

  • Level One. This level is about the basic self, including issues such as security, financial freedom and not having to worry about paying the bills.
  • Level Two. This level is about others, including family, friends, and community.
  • Level Three. This level is about the higher self, including issues of faith, destiny, and reasons for being.

Exploring these levels will help you understand what defines your values and will help you set your financial and personal goals accordingly.


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Once you determine these goals, Questmont’s Game Board will help you prioritize them. By assigning each goal a quadrant, you are forced to think through its importance. If you stick with this exercise, you will finish with a clear picture of your priorities and the time frame in which they need to be accomplished.

The report above has been researched and prepared by VFO Inner Circle and its affiliates, CEG Worldwide, LLC and AES Nation, LLC. 


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