Is Your Financial Advisor a Wealth Manager”?”

What proven process does your Financial Advisor use to help you manage your wealth?

Do you have a clear understanding of what that process is, or the plan that led to it? Or, to put it bluntly, is he or she simply winging it?

As with any goal in life, your odds of success in reaching or surpassing it rise dramatically when you approach it with a process. At Questmont, we believed that effective preparation and consistent effort are at the heart of sustained success.

Our Wealth Management Consultative Process is designed to put our clients on the right track and keep them there. This is achieved through a series of initial steps followed by regular progress meetings. The process takes into account our client’s complete range of financial needs and brings together a team of carefully selected professionals to help keep everyone focused on our client’s ultimate goals.Questmont Consultative ProcessIf you’re not sure how process driven your current financial advisor is, just ask yourself this question. When was the last time your financial advisor, accountant, attorney, and insurance agent got in a room and talked about nothing but your affairs?


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