Have You Stress-Tested Your Retirement Plan?

What is Stress Testing and why is it so important?

Stress testing challenges the wealth planning a client has implemented or is considering implementing to assess the likelihood of its efficacy in different scenarios and at delivering the expected results.

The fact is, financial plans that might look great on paper all too often prove to be much less impactful once they are implemented. It is not uncommon for there to be unintended consequences that can even derail your agenda. At the heart, stress testing is when you ask, “What if….?” about a variety of areas of a financial plan you have or are considering.

High-level stress testing involves a systematic process that examines goals, changing scenarios, and costs to determine the right course of action.

Although stress tests are commonly used among the Super Rich, they should be a part of most people’s due diligence process when vetting financial plans, products, and services. Frequent stress tests uncover flaws in financial plans as well as better ways to achieve desired outcomes. If you wonder whether a financial product or service you have – or are considering – will work the way it is supposed to under various conditions, you might benefit from a stress test.

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