Why do Most Investors Under-Perform the Market?

Why do most active investors under-perform the markets and their own investments?

“Most Americans are either fearful or greedy. It is their behavior that gets in the way!”*

Behavioral Investment Counseling educates investors’ behavior to produce an informed strategy that can withstand the test of recessions and pandemics. A plan with a purpose, and the fortitude to stick to that plan, will keep an investor on the path to achieving their goals and avoid making emotional decisions which typically don’t work out well.

As the chart below powerfully illustrates, when it comes to investing, the best thing investors can do in most cases is to stay out of their own way. Understanding that market volatility will always happen, and having an appropriate plan in place for that, generally achieves better results over the long term.

Dalbar 2018 QAIB ReportAverage Equity Investor Return (%)S&P 500 Return (%)Return Lost Due to Investor Behavior
20 Year5.297.201.91
10 Year4.888.503.62
5 Year10.9315.794.86
3 Year8.1211.413.29

Watch the video below to learn more about the importance of Behavioral Investment Counseling and how implementing it can help you reach your goals.

* Taylor Ranker, President, Questmont Strategic Wealth Advisors


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