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Rich Berry - 425 Consulting

Rich Berry – 425 Consulting

In this episode, we sit down with Rich Berry, the founder, owner, and president of 425 Consulting. With a wealth of experience from his corporate background at Microsoft, Rich’s journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship is an inspiring tale of determination and innovation. Rich shares his insights on transitioning from a corporate career to

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Doug Anderson - Anderson Pro Painting

Doug Anderson – Anderson Pro Painting

Doug Anderson, president of Anderson Pro Painting, is as genuine as they come – a true people person with a heart for serving others. Listen to how Doug openly shares his journey to growing a painting business from a college side hustle to a successful company with over 20 employees. Discover his secrets to culture

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Bryan & Patty Sibbach – Precision Training Concepts

Have you heard the story of how a small business in central Pennsylvania overcame adversity and built a thriving community of support? In this episode of the BORN podcast, Bryan and Patty Sibbach explain what they did to grow from two personal training studios to a med spa and wellness center, all while navigating challenges

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Justin McClure - Daflure Heating, Cooling, & Solar

Justin McClure – Daflure Heating, Cooling, & Solar

Have you ever wondered how to create a positive work environment and foster a culture of success in your organization? In this episode of the BORN podcast, Justin McClure, president of Daflure Heating, Cooling, and Solar, shares the importance of prioritizing all team members’ well-being and work-life balance. Daflure has seen an incredible impact with

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Nathan Imboden - Questmont

Nathan Imboden – Questmont

In this special episode, our podcast host, Nathan Imboden, becomes our guest, sharing his entrepreneurial journey with special guest host George Book from the West Shore Chamber of Commerce. Nathan currently serves as the President of the Pennsylvania Division at Questmont, but he didn’t always see himself in the world of finance and wealth management.

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Kristen Pucci – KRAE Consulting

As owner and founder, Kristen Pucci is the driving force behind KRAE Consulting, a business she started in 2020. She brings a unique blend of brand and talent management expertise to the table. With a strong foundation in social media marketing and a diverse portfolio spanning from construction to representing public figures and celebrities, Kristen’s

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Corrie Leister – Owner of Inspired by U

Corrie Leister is the owner, artist and visionary behind Inspired By U, a business she started as a small venture in her garage that has grown into a successful company with 19 employees, specializing in cabinet refinishing, interior and exterior painting, countertops and more. From her unwavering leadership to the transformative impact of faith, Corrie’s

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Matt Foss - EOS Implementer

Matt Foss – Certified EOS Implementer

Matt Foss is a certified EOS implementor. EOS stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System. Matt helps entrepreneurs achieve companywide alignment on their vision, gain traction towards that vision and create healthy teams and a business culture with EOS. Whether you’re a business owner or an aspiring leader, this conversation will empower you to lead with confidence,

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David Taylor – PA Manufacturers Association

Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in Pennsylvania’s economic growth. David Taylor, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association, dives deep into the importance of manufacturing for Pennsylvania’s prosperity on this episode of the BORN podcast. Discover how manufacturing propels economic advancement in the commonwealth and explore the significance of skilled trades and manufacturing professions.

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