Protecting Your Personal Wealth – Questmont Sponsors CYA Summit

Whether you’re a new client or one that’s been working with us for a while, you know that at Questmont Financial Advisors, we do things differently from most other Wealth Management firms.

On April 30, Questmont sponsored the 2015 Wealth Preservation Summit, which we dubbed CYA – for Conserve Your Assets! The event was held at Visaggio’s Ristorante in Enola, where over 100 clients and guests enjoyed gourmet food and fabulous wine while learning a bit about how Questmont goes about protecting and conserving our clients’ wealth.

 First to speak was Questmont’s President, Taylor Ranker, CFS, who took the crowd through the basics of the Questmont approach: Direct Institutional Investing, Best-in-Class Compliance Oversight, Tax Mitigation Strategies, Behavioral Investment Counseling, Proactive Estate Planning and regular progress reviews with Clientele.

Next, one of our legal partners, Bill Adler, Esq., shared structured ownership information for small businesses with a focus on life, exit strategies and estate planning.


Lastly, Connie Kegerrais, a Forensic Accountant with the FBI, took the crowd through a fascinating explanation of how Identity Theft actually occurs and how to deter, detect and defend against it. To learn more about how to avoid Identity Theft visit:

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