Marc Kurowski – Historic King Mansion

Welcome to the BORN podcast! BORN stands for Business Owner Resource Network. This podcast honors those who have built something. We take a peek under the hood of what it really takes to start, grow and run successful companies by interviewing business owners who’ve done it. We’ll hear stories of those who have taken risks, built something amazing and in the process have positively impacted the people and communities they serve. We hope this inspires you to build an amazing life of significance for yourself.

Welcome to the first episode of the BORN Podcast: a series of interviews with local entrepreneurs that give valuable insights on what it takes to run a successful business.

Our inaugural guest is a business owner from whom any aspiring entrepreneur can learn a lot. Marc Kurowski is the owner of Historic King Mansion in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Although he comes from an engineering background, a passion project spurred him to enter the world of entrepreneurship in the events industry. Listen in to learn how he executed the start of his small business.


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