Developing an Exit Strategy

Times of transition or crisis can throw many financial plans into a tailspin. That is why we offer transition help so you can be as prepared as possible for the unexpected or even the mildly inconvenient.


Proactive Retirement Strategy

A retirement plan requires more than simply throwing a few dollars into a savings account every month. That is why we develop a complete retirement strategy that plans for the worst and hopes for the best. Our financial professionals will work with you to develop a proactive plan that works with your business income and plans for times of economic difficulty.

Tax-Favored Exit Planning

There are times when folding a business makes more sense than keeping it going. Our financial professionals will work with you to develop a plan for this possibility that can help towards providing the best possible results at tax time. We know how to minimize any financial hits when choosing to close your business or making transitions.

Business Valuation

Our financial professionals will help you to evaluate every aspect of your business in order to set a proper value. They will develop a customized strategy to determine what your business is worth in the event that you choose to sell. They will consider all possible factors including the details of an employee buyout or the nuances involved when it comes time for your child to buy or inherit the business. 

Optimize Values

Your exit strategy might change as your business evolves. With these changes, it is important to reevaluate where you stand and optimize your values and assets to help ensure the best possible financial outcome in the event of transition or closing. We help you to evaluate your personal and professional business goals, project potential outcomes, and plan for the unexpected so you take the smallest possible financial hit (or even profit) when it is time to move on to new things.

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With an effective exit strategy in place, you can focus on the logistics of running your business and rest easy knowing that you are prepared for the future.

Neither Royal Alliance Associates nor its registered representatives, offer tax or legal advice. 

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