Corrie Leister – Owner of Inspired by U

Corrie Leister is the owner, artist and visionary behind Inspired By U, a business she started as a small venture in her garage that has grown into a successful company with 19 employees, specializing in cabinet refinishing, interior and exterior painting, countertops and more.

From her unwavering leadership to the transformative impact of faith, Corrie’s journey is inspiring. She explores the significance of creating a supportive and empowering workplace for women and the ripple effect it brings. Corrie says, “It’s not about painting cabinets, it’s about giving people great experiences and empowering them to live their best life.”

If you’re ready to be motivated and gain insights into fostering a positive work culture while delivering outstanding customer experiences, this episode is for you. Tune in to hear Corrie Leister and Brooke, one of the team leads, share the empowering narrative and the profound impact of Inspired By U.


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