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Annual Financial To-Do List

Things you can do for your future as the year unfolds. What financial, business, or life priorities do you need to address for the coming year? Now is an excellent time to think about the investing, saving, or budgeting methods you could employ toward specific objectives, from building your retirement fund to managing your taxes.

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Concerned About Inflation?

Inflation is Alive and Well… Recent data has shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that inflation is alive and well. However, the extent to which inflation will subsist, both in terms of severity and duration, is debatable. Some economists believe it will persist while others believe it is simply transitory.

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Managing Your Health Post-Covid

Managing Your Health in a Post Covid-19 World Regardless of how Covid-19 has affected your personal health, chances are that it has made a difference in the health care you receive and are able to access.

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Improving Your Investment Skill

Investing Skill vs Luck Portfolio returns and achieving financial goals are a largely a function of two inputs: investor skill and luck. Oftentimes, those inputs get confusing – identifying what is skillful and what is luck/chance.

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Resolutions & Habits

We are three and a half months into 2021 and there is a good chance that half of all the New Year’s resolutions have already failed. A long-term study by the University of Scranton found that less than 10% of resolutions become part of our lives1.

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Political Presumptions

Now that Democrats are in power, many investors are concerned about how the market may respond to the potential for increased taxes and regulations. Some investors may change their strategy based on potential outcomes, but that may not be wise.

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The Lure of Envy

What good is envy? It’s the one sin you can’t have any fun at. The color green is attributed to many positive things in life. Green is often used as a symbol of prosperity and even represents life itself. But not all green is good. Being green with envy is a characteristic we should avoid

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Fear and Fatigue

Fear and Fatigue – the 2020 Election in a Nutshell We want to be clear; our motive for writing this is not to make a political statement or prediction. We would simply like to share our perspective and shed some light on the current economic climate as it relates to the presidential election.

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