ATTN: Business Owners — Questions You NEED to Ask:

If you are a business owner, you must ask yourself these questions:

Are you financially prepared for an exit from your business?

Are you mentally prepared for an exit from your business?

At Questmont, we can rate these as either HIGH or LOW. This then helps you to align yourself as one of 4 different types of exiting owners.

  • Get me out right away for the most money
  • Well off but choose to work
  • Stick around and grow the business
  • Rich and ready to go

We can then graph this on our “Exit Quadrant” chart:

2017-08-15 15_35_54-BORNBlog080117.docx (Protected View) - Word.jpg

Once we have established which type of business owner you are, we can then plot a course and determine which strategies and structures apply.

— Keep an eye out for next month’s blog, where we’ll cover those.


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