Bryan & Patty Sibbach – Precision Training Concepts

Have you heard the story of how a small business in central Pennsylvania overcame adversity and built a thriving community of support? In this episode of the BORN podcast, Bryan and Patty Sibbach explain what they did to grow from two personal training studios to a med spa and wellness center, all while navigating challenges like a fire that threatened to shut them down. Stay tuned for this inspiring story and find out how they’re making a difference in their community. You won’t want to miss it!

Bryan and Patty Sibbach, owners of Precision Training Concepts and Perry Strength and Fitness Center, bring a wealth of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. With a background in personal training and a passion for community health, they’ve successfully expanded their ventures to include a med spa and corporate wellness consulting. Their journey through overcoming adversities, such as the recent fire incident, showcases their resilience and dedication to serving their community. Through their diverse business model, they’ve demonstrated the importance of adaptability and strategic planning in the face of challenges. 

Listen to their story to learn valuable lessons for small business owners and entrepreneurs in navigating obstacles and fostering community support.

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