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Broadway in the 'Burg Wows Harrisburg!

On Thursday, October 4, Clients and Friends of Questmont Strategic Wealth Advisors witnessed something uncommon. Many of us are accustomed to traveling to New York City and elsewhere to see world-class entertainment. But on this night, world-class entertainment came to Harrisburg in the form of the Questmont sponsored Broadway in the 'Burg


Questmont Makes a Move

Questmont Strategic Wealth Advisors has selected industry-leading Kestra Financial, Inc., as it independent advisor platform of choice.


When Questmont Strikes Up the Band!

The Questmont 2016 Summer Soiree hit in full force last week, bringing out the dancers in friends and clientele alike. Taking advantage of the warm summer evening, the fabulous sound of The Maxwell Project kept the crowd on their feet into the wee hours! Read More...

Spring Educational Summit - The New RetireMENTALITY

Here at Questmont we offer more than just a yearly review of your portfolio.
We like to keep our clients in the know, educated about the factors that could effect them. This years' Spring Educational Summit was all about The New RetireMENTALITY and what you need to keep in mind when you bow out of the work force. 


Questmont's Taylor Ranker on ABC27 News

This is a re-release of last week's blog post with video of the ABC27 interview now available.

With the Democratic and Republican candidates presumptively decided, all eyes now turn to the General Election. One of the biggest issues that we follow is the divide between Donald Trump's plan for taxes and that of Hillary Clinton. Taylor Ranker of Questmont Strategic Wealth Advisors was invited to speak on this topic last night on ABC27 News.


Questmont Strategic Wealth Advisors Rock Rubicon

Clientele and friends celebrated a banner year for Questmont at the Annual Ambassador Event on November 6. At Questmont, we believe in thanking those who help to make us successful. All of those attending introduced at least one new client into Questmont this year.


2015 Summer Soiree Event

When it comes to keeping clientele happy, Questmont doesn't play! And dancing the night away wasn't an issue for Questmont personnel, friends and families at Stocks Manor in August.


Questmont's Taylor Ranker on ABC27 News

Taylor Ranker, CEO of Questmont Strategic Wealth Advisors, appears on ABC27 news to comment on the recent historic market turbulence.


Protecting Your Personal Wealth - Questmont Sponsors CYA Summit

Whether you’re a new client or one that’s been working with us for a while, you know that at Questmont Financial Advisors, we do things differently from most other Wealth Management firms.

On April 30, Questmont sponsored the 2015 Wealth Preservation Summit, which we dubbed CYA – for Conserve Your Assets! The event was held at Visaggio’s Ristorante in Enola, where over 100 clients and guests enjoyed gourmet food and fabulous wine while learning a bit about how Questmont goes about protecting and conserving our clients’ wealth. 



8 Things You Should Know about the President's Tax Proposal

The President is slated to give his State of the Union address Tuesday night, and with it a proposal to raise $320 billion of revenue over the next 10 years.  We felt that the discussion over taxes could have an impact on our clients and friends and we felt it is our duty to bring you the facts.  Please be aware, because this is a discussed proposal without written specifications, there is much that is open-ended.  No legislation has been written, proposed, or passed yet.


Our Core Values


Celebrating life’s biggest moments. Weathering life’s biggest storms. In every facet of your financial life, the Questmont family protects and supports YOUR family.


At Questmont we strive to be true to our character, our own spirit, focusing on that which makes us unique, both in our own eyes and those of our clients. The Questmont experience may not be for everyone, but it will only be felt here.


The depth of our understanding of financial tools and techniques allows us to develop cutting-edge services that typically require multiple firms to experience. The result – a bespoke blueprint drawn to protect your vision of the future.


Don’t come here to buy; we’re not here to sell. Our Consultative Process informs and educates our clients, enabling them to consider the facts, draw their own conclusions, and make informed decisions about some of life’s biggest quandaries. That’s Questmont.

Isn’t Your Family’s Financial Strength Worth a Second Look?


Is there anything more important than your family's future? And knowing you’re on the right path to get them there?

But when was the last time you checked to see if the path you're on is the right one for you now?

Maybe it's time for a professional Second Opinion.

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