Taylor Ranker Business Owners Resource Network Questmont Harrisburg Camp Hill

Providing Resources for Business Owners 

Collaborative Wealth Management

  • Too Little Time/Too Much on Your Plate
  • Cash Flow/Keep More of What You Earn
  • Talent Retention/Turnover
  • Personal Organization
  • Peace of Mind for Family
  • Protection and Safety
  • Exit Strategy - A Bridge Out

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Sonya Ranker Divorce Counselor Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Harrisburg Camp Hill

Women in Transition 

Common Mistakes in Women's Transitions

  • Making Decision Hastily & Out Of Emotion
  • All Assets are Not Taxed Equally
  • Your Tax Filing Status Will Change
  • Keeping The House
  • Not Adjusting Budget To Your New Situation
  • Forgetting To Change Account Beneficiaries Or Update Will
  • Remembering that Life Goes On

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 Ask yourself: When was the last time your financial advisor, CPA, attorney and
insurance agent got together and discussed nothing but your concerns?


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